I am a midwestern gal who loves a good adventure and being outdoors.  My husband and I have dreamed of working and creating together, and REGIVEN was born from that desire.  When I design, I draw insight from my senses: the smell of childhood camp, the texture of bark, the color of a flower, the sound of a friend’s voice explaining exactly what she needs. Every piece I create is unique and close to the inspiration that makes me feel alive.  I hope to serve each client and add value to each interior that I design.

After graduation from Purdue University in 2005, I moved to Chicago and worked my dream job at an architectural design firm.  In 2010, I accepted a job in Nashville with lululemon athletica decorating and opening retail stores nation wide.

Andrew and I started REGIVEN after a trip to Uganda in 2013 during which my senses were awakened by people who live with so little, and yet create such beautiful art with their lives and their surroundings. After 12 years of work and study in the commercial interior design world, I finally realized the gifts and potential that were uniquely given to me to inspire new interiors.